Expert Test Management Course 2018/19

Want to be an expert in Test Management?

Now is your chance to become one!

The expert test manager is expected to select or create, evaluate and improve the most effective approach for a given situation. As you know it all depends on context!

It is up to the expert test manager to find a suitable approach or combination of approaches which suit the organisation and meet or exceed the given objectives.

The Expert Test Management course consists of 3 modules:

  • Strategic Test Management
  • Operational Test Management
  • Managing the Test Team

The training course covers different ways to organize testing as well as different types of projects for test management, including vendor management. Typical test management topics such as incident management, test project evaluation and tools for reporting and test management are addressed in depth.

Up for a new challenge? DSTB offers two Expert Test Management courses in 2019.


Course Dates

Operational Test Management: Delivered in January 2019

Managing the Test Team: 16th to 18th of September 2019

Strategic Test Management: Delivered in August 2018


Why is DSTB offering an ISTQB training course?

The purpose of the Danish Software Testing Board is to promote digital quality assurance and testing in Denmark.

The executive board (bestyrelsen) has had an open dialogue with our accredited training providers, who are currently not offering the Expert Test Management course. The executive board has therefore decided to make an extraordinary effort to offer a training course.

The upcoming course is a test to see whether there is a need for expert training among QA & test practitioners in Denmark.


Practical Details


The training course, training materials and exams are in English.


To obtain Expert Level certification, candidates must have:

  • the ISTQB Foundation Certificate
  • the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Certificate or ISEB Practitioner
  • passed the Expert Level Exam
  • at least 5 years of practical testing experience*
  • at least 2 years of industry experience in the specific Expert Level topic*

* Note that the experience criteria may also be attained after taking the exam. It is recommended, however, that the candidate has gained this practical experience before taking the exam. If a non-public exam is to be taken, completion of Expert Level course is mandatory.

Course Duration

The training course (3 modules) consists of 8 full training days.

  • Strategic Management is 2 days
  • Operational Test Management is 3 days
  • Managing the Test Team is 3 days


The course will be split in the 3 modules. Strategic Management will be held in August, 2018 and the other two modules will be held in Q1 2019.

The exams are held separately on other days to give course participants time to digest and revise the course content before the exam.


There are three exams, one for each module. The duration of each exam is 135 minutes.

If you are a non-native English speaker the exam duration is 169 minutes.


DSTB has negotiated a competitive price for this test course. However we need at least 6 participants to cover the expenses of bringing a trainer to Denmark and paying the course and examination fees.

If there is 10 or more participants we will offer an additional discount. So please help us to find participants so we can provide you the course at an even lower price.

For more details please send us your contact details using the form at the bottom to show your interest.


The location will be determined once we have enough participants.

The venue will be in greater Copenhagen area and most likely close to Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården).


The first session will be held in August.

For more details please send us your contact details using the form at the bottom to show your interest.


Interested in participating

Please enter your details in the form below to express your INTEREST in the course and find out more about the price and proposed dates.

By entering your details you are merely indicating your INTEREST and not committing to participating.

Interested in Expert Test Management 2018

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  • By selecting this option and submitting the form I give my consent to Danish Software Testing Board (DSTB) to store and retrieve my personal information for the following purposes: (1) Contact me with more information and to have a dialogue about the upcoming Expert Test Management Course (2) Evaluate the general interest in ISTQB Expert Test Management training. The information will be deleted when the test course is completed or by the end of 2018, whichever is first.

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